Monday, April 18, 2011

the end of the day

After a long Monday, I slip home.
Pickle meets me at the door.
We exchange pleasantries.
Email, news, check the seedlings.
Chat on the phone with sister.
Letters written, the week's schedule reviewed.
Dinner in the oven, chat on the phone with husband.
Job ads read, blogs read.
Check, check, check.
Turn on Rahsaan Roland Kirk, turn it up.
Sit down, drink the music up.
Open Great Expectations.
Consider going for a run.
Consider the expected snow tomorrow.
At the end of April, good ole Minnesota.
Ah, f***.
Read a passage of Great Expectations.
Close it.
Turn off the oven.
Gear up, go run.
Smile at nice, white-bearded biker-man.
Shower, eat, feed the cat, dishes.
Put away clothes from the last few days.
Sit down, open Great Expectations.

{that's a photo of Pickle, aka Saul. i love that little guy.}

here's some Rahsaan Roland Kirk for ya: