Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the bootstrap project

I am drawn to(and LOVE) the handmade beauty of the pieces from The Bootstrap Project, whose mission is wonderful.

The Bootstrap Project's mission is to create a sustainable platform to promote and retain centuries-old crafts and customs. We create the outlet for the local artisans. The profits of the sales go back to the artists and their communities, through our development partners, to empower them by providing the education and opportunity to retain, preserve and advance their fast-dying crafts, customs and way of life. By purchasing through Bootstrap you allow artisans—who act as the catalyst for their whole communities—to end their own poverty. It’s trade not aid.


Blogger in the City said...

I just went on the site, its so inspiring. I have never seen a site that balanced so well design and do gooderism. I just bought some of the baskets. I want my living room to look exactly like that photo. Thanks for directing me to Bootstrap!

Louis said...

Love it too! Thanks for sharing!