Sunday, April 4, 2010

bits of the week

What a fun and busy week it has been...

I started out the week in my hometown with my family. We made dinner, went for walks and went hiking along the St. Croix River in WI. The trees were budding and we were surrounded by soft new conifers sprouting up. Too bad I didn't snap any photos.
We've been enjoying Sicilian blood oranges in pretty wrappers and champagne mangoes(aka manilla mangoes).
We are making steady progress on a wedding invitation project. It's actually our first big collaborative project. We're excited. I'll share when we're finished!
I love my ancient metal tub. It's small, but it's mighty. The metal retains the heat for so long. Saul enjoys the warm tub as soon as I drain it.
We enjoyed dinner at Lucia's on Saturday. The leek risotto was fabulous. I could eat leeks every day. Then drinks at Barbette and a concert downtown. I could still feel the beat moving through me when I woke up this morning.
I found this story in the NY Times interesting. Anybody else see it?