Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blooma Uganda


Blooma, Sarah Longacre, and You serving Uganda

In Uganda, Africa, complications related to childbirth kill 150 women every week.
Every week! That's nearly 8,000 women a year. That's stunning, and heart-wrenching,
and it's not OK. But we—you, me, Blooma—can help change that right now, this year.

Blooma celebrates and honors my lifelong love of bellies, babies, and mamas. (Beautiful mamas, you know you inspire me!) Being surrounded by the strong, sweet women who
bring life into the world, watching their gorgeous bellies grow, and then seeing their
families take shape—that is life-affirming.

Women who come to Blooma talk about the strong, healing link between birth and yoga. We have a way to share that with the women and families of Uganda, thanks to the Off the Mat, Into the World® program (OTM) that organizes and inspires hundreds of yoga communities to help make the world a better place.

It is my intention that by December 15, 2009, our amazing Blooma community will raise $20,000 to support the work of Shanti Uganda. This small-yet-mighty organization is leading the charge to build a birth center, to offer prenatal education programs, and to provide basic, sanitary medical supplies that will save the lives of new mamas and their precious babies.

Help share the wonder that birth can bring. Help a woman in Africa live to raise her child. Help ease the sadness and suffering that too many Ugandan families endure. We'll do it in true Blooma style, by celebrating birth and loving life and building community. Consider this your invitation to joyous selfless service!

In February 2010, I will travel to Uganda along with other Seva Challenge participants. We'll work alongside local villagers to build the birthing center, along with a school and a sustainable farm. And I will carry in my heart the spirit of generosity and support that you bring to Blooma. Let's share the beauty that birth can be!

Sarah Longacre

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